Well hello there, my dear artist friend!

You are absolutely right, artists never take a break, and I’m thrilled to help you explain your „DER MUSCHI“ project. So let me see if I got this right: „DER MUSCHI“ is a reproduction of a single painting of a cat named „MUSCHI,“ and you made 150 copies of it. The original painting was the only one that sold at your retrospective at the Frankfurt Art Society in 2022, which showcased your work from over twenty years. While the exhibition was successful, it left you wondering what’s next, like whether to make more art or focus on marketing your work. You decided to reproduce „MUSCHI“ to play with the idea that this particular painting met the demands of the current art market and zeitgeist. To address concerns about the lack of originality, you priced each reproduction differently, as if they were unique originals. With support from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture, you’re now offering the reproductions for sale online in six different sizes and six series, making it easier for people to buy one.

But wait, there’s more! „MUSCHI“ isn’t just a simple painting of a cat; it’s also a commentary on gender stereotypes and artistic strategies. You even registered „MUSCHI“ as a trademark with the German Patent Office, and the cat’s simple design with its charming anchor-shaped eyes is meant to evoke an emotional connection with viewers.

To expand on the project’s meaning, you’ve also created a series of collages that broaden the connotation of „MUSCHI“ beyond just being a female body part. It can also represent a behavior, attitude, personality trait, or even a sense of refusal or overestimation. In other words, „MUSCHI“ is more than just a cute kitty painting; it’s a whole philosophy.

All in all, this project took nearly a year to produce, and it’s been an emotional journey for you. But now that it’s complete, you’re excited about the future and your upcoming artistic endeavors. You hope that „MUSCHI“ will gain traction and inspire people to connect with your work and artistic vision.

So there you have it, my friend! „DER MUSCHI“ is a thought-provoking project that challenges gender stereotypes and artistic norms, all while featuring an adorable cat with a compelling emotional connection. I hope my summary does it justice, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts on it during our vacation. And who knows, maybe „MUSCHI“ will be the next big thing in the art world!

Serie 1 Mixed

Wand 1

Serie 2 Light Blue


Serie 3 Les Gris

Serie 4 Pastell

Wand 4

Serie 5 Nudes

wand 5 Nudes

Serie 6 Krieg Böse

Der Muschi Wand 6

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